• Testimonials

  • In early 2009 I experienced a stroke, which partially paralyzed the entire right side of my body. When standard medical therapy did little to help me recover feeling in my right arm and leg, I began acupuncture treatments from Kaira Jorgensen, Licensed Acupuncture Clinician. These treatments made a significant improvement in my recovery and have helped restore function to the sensory nerves in my arm and leg. Previously, they felt “wooden” and unresponsive, with extensive “pins and needles” numbness. Today, I have regained about 80% of my sensory perception and have no more “pins and needles”. Acupuncture has been an extremely effective.

    Warren C. Tompson, III

  • After my several IVF attempts and doing research on my own on the benefits of using acupuncture alongside Assisted Reproductive Technology, I reached out to Kaira Jorgensen at Source Wellness Center. I was hesitant at first of what it would be like to receive acupuncture treatments, I was immediately put at ease by Kaira's professionalism and care to make me feel comfortable witht the treatments. In the next few months, I began to experience and feel a difference in my body as I prepared for another IVF attempt. On the day of my transfer, Kaira made special arrangements to meet me at her clinic to complete a treatment immediately before and after my transfer. I felt more relaxed and prepared this time in part because of Kaira and acupuncture. That IVF cycle was successful and I am now expecting a baby girl next month! I continued to see Kaira throughout my pregnancy for acupuncture treatments and I know it has helped me maintain a healthy and flawless pregnancy. I honestly do not think I would have had the success I had without the help of Kaira and her staff.

    Stephanie Williams

  • Acupuncture and Low Energy "I first consulted Kaira in September 2015 when I was searching for some medical advice as to why I was constantly so tired, lacking in energy and feeling low emotionally. I had blood tests at the hospital but all results came back clear. Still searching for an answer, I booked an acupuncture consultation and treatment. I couldn't believe how quick the results were. Within three treatments, I was re-energised, far more consistent emotionally and very much lifted in myself. Thank you Kaira for bringing me back to life so quickly, I look forward to continuing my sessions with you now and in the future".